Crystal eCigs Advantages

Smoking a Crystal eCig has a multitude of advantages over ordinary cigarettes. Its simplicity is just part of its appeal. Here are numerous benefits that the Crystal eCig has over traditional cigarettes:

    1. Does not contain 4,000 toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes

    2. No unhealthy tobacco or tar invading your lungs

    3. Exhaled vapor evaporates instantly, thus no more smoggy and polluted rooms

    4. No more harmful second hand smoke

    5. You can smoke Crystal eCigs almost anywhere

    6. Nicotine can be adjusted from high all the way down to no nicotine

    7. No flame, therefore no more burns

    8. Lots of tasteful flavors to choose from

    9. No more toxic cigarette butts

    10. No more noxious smelling homes or cars

    11. No more smoky hair or clothes

    12. No more disgusting ash trays

    13. No more offensive smokerís breath

    14. May help prevent unsightly stained teeth

    15. May improve your sense of smell

    16. May help you taste your food better

    17. May improve your health

Plus you can still have your smoke breaks and you will save money - The Crystal eCig is lower than half the cost of traditional cigarettes.