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Vape Kits

If you want to ditch those nasty cigarettes and start vaping, this is the place to start!

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Tanks, RDA's, Batteries, Mods, Accessoires  

Want to upgrade your ecig? Want to "Chuck The Clouds" and have a longer lasting battery and bigger tank to hold your delicious Crystal ejuice? This is the place for you.

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  Vape Juice 

Experience the difference when your ejuice is mixed specifically for your vaporizer and taste budz. Crystal Ecig understands that all ecigs vape differently and people enjoy different flavors. That's why we custom mix our ejuice to your spacific flavor while delivering the best results with your vaporizer. We offer a wide variety of different flavors to choose from.

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Electronic Cigarette Knowledge

eGO ONE — It'll blow your mind.

Petite yet powerful, eGo ONE is the One device for everyone. Adhering to this concept, eGo ONE stands out from different kinds of e-cig products by using two types of changeable atomizer head to cater for different vaping methods: mouth inhale, mouth to lung inhale or direct lung inhale. Also there are two types of battery for you to choose: 1100mah and 2200mah.

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More Info    |     Watch Review