Success Stories

“I haven't had a traditional cigarette since I have bought my Crystal eCig.”

- Jimmy L.

“In just one months time I feel that I can smell things better, taste things better, and be more active.”

- Sarah W.

“ I love that I can smoke them inside my house without risking my family to the dangers of second hand smoke. I didnt realize how much time I wasted with my family every time I went outside to smoke”

- Nancy B.

“ I live in FL just recently the temperatures got down to below 30 and I loved the fact that I didnt have to go outside to smoke I stayed in where it was nice and warm”

- Deloris P.

“I didn't realize how much money I light up in smoke until I checked my bank account 2 months after I bought my Crystal eCig I can finally afford that Gaming system. At this rate ill save over $2,000 a year”

- Justin A.

“How do people put up with the way I use to smell of cigarette smoke. I cant stand how people smell that smoke and I use to be one of them”

- Thomas N

Please understand that the Crystal eCig is not ment to be sold as a quitting device. BUT we have heard many success stores.